Find dns name for ip address

In this case it is It will then display the default gateway details.

Map an IP address to a DNS name

In here there are 2 IP addresses and the one with the lowest metric is selected as the default IP address, which is Then enter this IP address into the Address bar of your web browser and you will be prompted to insert username and password in order to get access to the web GUI of your router. One method here is to use the nslookup command. This command provides you with DNS lookup details.

In order to view them, you can type the below in the Command Prompt. Therefore DNS server details can be viewed as below by using it. As shown above this command provides you the IP address of the DNS server that is used by your router. However, in some cases, you can define the IP addresses of the DNS servers that you need your computer to use and then they can be passed on to your router as well.

As per the above, priority is given to In order to take a packet dump of the current network traffic, tcpdump command can be used. This zone is adminstrated by whoever owns the block of IP addresses. In our case, the zone for the PTR record would be What this means is that if you have a website, you know all the IP addresses that have visited that website. While most IP addresses can be translated into hostnames, sometimes that hostname is not very useful.

In those cases your hostname will be something like You can even pinpoint a more accurate location inside Helsinki where the connection was made from. A simple whois search can reveal more information about an IP address or a hostname. An IP address can give quite detailed location data and this can help you find good locations to expand your business, for example.

Method 2: Using Windows Commands

Most companies have their own IP addresses. This means you can use reverse DNS lookup to see which companies visit your website.

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In case of a larger company, you can even see from which of their offices the connection was made from - just like with my IP address above. Reverse DNS is one of the ways email servers use to verify that the sending server is not a malicious spammer.

The Internet: IP Addresses & DNS

When someone sends email from address john. If you are running your own mail servers, you must have a PTR record set up for your server. Most web analytics software have reverse DNS built-in. Google Analytics, for example, shows this data under Audience - Technology - Network. If you are using some other analytics software, that probably has similar reports available somewhere too.

Leadfeeder uses machine learning to filter ISPs and non-relevant hostnames out of your data. It also integrates to other marketing and sales tools for better data sharing.

Reverse DNS Lookup

If you are currently only using web analytics to see statistical changes on your website try reverse DNS and see who really visits your website. It can help you focus on individuals and companies rather than masses. Discover how to identify, qualify and connect with leads generated from your analytics. Leadfeeder is a Google Analytics tool that shows you companies that visit your website. Leadfeeder generates new leads, offers insight on your customers and can help you increase your marketing ROI.

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Find IP Address Of Your Website, Server or Domain: Site24x7 Tools

At this point, the browser asks the operating system for a specific page, in this case google. This can be viewed or changed in your network or router settings. At this point, the resolver goes through a process called recursion to convert the domain name into an IP address. There are 13 root server clusters named A-M with servers in over locations.

All of the servers are copies of one master server run by IANA. These root servers hold the locations of all of the top level domains TLDs such as.

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