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Bill Pay. As mentioned above, the report stated that the grand jury had documented allegations against 50 priests and religious leaders. The list will be posted on our website. None of these men is included by Bartchak in his list, which is limited to diocesan priests. Each of the 57 names on the original list was linked to a separate page that provided an assignment history for the priest.

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The Baltimore Sun published the list verbatim, with names and assignments all conveniently displayed together on a single page. In addition to the list and the letter, Keeler also posted a statement of commitment , an explanation of the list , a summary of the costs of the abuse crisis in Baltimore since , a schedule of listening sessions at nine parishes, and help for victim-survivors including archdiocesan and states attorney phone numbers and links to SNAP.

See media coverage and commentary on the list: 1 2 3 4 5 6.

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In his letter, Keeler stated that he and the other U. Keeler did not include in his list 26 priests and brothers whose allegations were received by the archdiocese after their deaths. The assignment information included assignments that had not been listed in the Official Catholic Directory at the time of the assignment. In these respects, the list is superior to other diocesan lists.

But Keeler was criticized by some for posting his list; one commentator wrote that he had "burnished his reputation by trashing the reputations of his priests. Then, apparently in January , without publicizing his action, Archbishop Lori posted the Baltimore list again, in a different format, and with 14 new names appended, providing detailed accounts of some clerics accused since Keeler's list was released in September In April , a glitch was fixed that had made it difficult to navigate from the archdiocesan homepage to the revised and reposted list.

The revised list had a serious flaw. As mentioned above, each name on Cardinal Keeler's old list was linked to a separate webpage that provided brief information about the cleric's assignment history and allegations. It was not a convenient implementation, but the information was accessible. Archbishop Lori's list put the assignment and allegation information in an HTML title tag under each name. When the reader moused over the name, the information appeared in a box but could not be printed.

We also reformatted the information so that each assignment is bulleted. In his introduction, Lori states that "for greater context, the documents accompanying the disclosure can also be found at the links further below. The new names were:. By this time, the archdiocese had added other names, besides the 10 Pennsylvania priests, and reformatted the list to make it more user-friendly, eliminating the roll-over feature. The 7 new names added to the Lori section were:.

This list had been reformatted by the archdiocese to list all the priests alphabetically in one sequence, instead of breaking the list into groups. The 23 new names are italicized in the list, and the original Keeler names are marked with an asterisk. Revisions to the Keeler descriptions are also italicized. The 23 new names were:. Then we used Microsoft Word's document comparison feature to compare the two versions. Note that each list has the same names, but the texts of some of the descriptions are different.

The differences include changes in information about assignments and laicization status. Joseph Guidry and Fr. At that time, the page did not yet provide a link to the list of names.

Paul and Minneapolis see below was ordered by a judge to release their list. In April , St. John's had released an earlier version of this list in compliance with a settlement. We have cached the list on the following dates U indicates a caching of the "Unsubstantiated" list; dates without a U indicate a caching of the main list with its five categories. O'Malley limited his list to diocesan clergy — no religious priests, brothers, or sisters were included. Nor were diocesan priests working as externs in Boston. O'Malley also excluded from the initial list any priests who were not already known to be accused.

Indeed, O'Malley admitted in his accompanying letter that "there are 91 names that are not being included on the lists published today. In contrast, attorney Mitchell Garabedian has maintained a list on his website of all the priests who have been accused of abuse by clients he has represented. Periodically he announces the additions to his list, and we have researched the assignment histories of these newly accused priests.

See our most recent page , with links to previous Garabedian additions.

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The diocesan list provides lists of assignments but not the years of those assignments. John D. Capillo to the list and Fr. Vincent Zollo and Fr. James C.

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Eugene Arnaud and Fr. This list also includes deceased priests with more than one allegation made against them. The year of death is listed next to those who are deceased. The list named 42 accused diocesan priests, 27 of whom had not been publicly named before as accused. Robert J. Cunningham, Diocesan Administrator, had stated that the Buffalo diocese counted 53 accused diocesan priests , but had not provided names.

Assignment histories were not included; nor were the number or nature of allegations detailed, beyond the statement that deceased priests included on the list had more than one allegation. This list included 20 diocesan priests and 16 religious order priests. Michael's church, and St.

Anne's church :.